About Us

In one line

We are an ethical Singapore-based visual communications agency, specialising in web design, print design, identity & branding, IT solutions and everything in between.

Our Raison d’être

The world is a beautiful place, but it has a disease called bad design. We have taken it upon ourselves to create some form of order and beauty out of this chaos, pixel by pixel, sketch by sketch. Everything we do is about design that not only looks good, but design that works. For you, of course. (Who else!) We thrive at working to enhance your brand, effectively communicating your ideas through a mastery of typography and imagery.

Our Philosophy

“Which came first: the bird, the egg, or the design?” It’s a philosophy in the form of a trick question. We like to think that the answer is ‘none of the above’, as it is really the idea of it all that has to come first. Nothing functional can exist without first being conceptualised, and that includes good design. That means that we believe in listening first. We are a curious bunch and would love to find out more about you, your brand, your culture, your audience and everything that piques your curiosity. We ask, we probe, we understand, and then we get creative

Who we are

What do you get when you cross a creative director, an info-communications guru and an engineer? We’d like to believe that it comes up as a chimera (a nice one) of great design that is engineered with functionality in mind that can communicate your message to your audience.
Our Team
Jon Ang
Jon is a technologist who works to bridge the space between business practice, strategic vision, design direction and software implementation.
Sharon Choo
Sharon is a person of varied curiosity and brings in big ideas to assist clients to think out-of-the-box.
Jacqueline Loo
Visual Architect
Jacqueline connects the gap between client brief and actual design translation. She is currently focused on small-scale branding exercises and publication works. Jacqueline is adept at making the intuitive leap and creates harmony between print and web interface design.
Angela Lee
UX Artist
Angela creates cross-platform innovative interaction designs through intense research, scanning and testing. When she is not creating wireframes for that purpose, she can be found drawing fantasy arts.